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Trip Planners

Google Regional Trip Planner >>

Powered by Google Transit, this trip planner allows you to plan a trip anywhere NICE serves using a computer or smartphone. Enter your location, your destination, and the time you need to go--Google Trip Planner will take care of the rest.

iPhone Users: You can also try the Google Transit app, an extremely useful tool in navigating our NICE system, and other systems around the country. Find the closest stops to you, plan your trip, and navigate better than ever. You can access Google Transit through the Google Maps App on your iOS device.

Android Users: Get step-by-step transit directions on your mobile device by using Google Transit directly within your browser window. Enter in stop information and intended times to plan your next trip.

MTA Regional Trip Planner >>

The good people of the MTA have linked their Trip Planner with all NICE routes and stops. Use it as another way to navigate your way around your NICE region.