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Real-Time Displays Now Informing Passengers at Hempstead Transit Center

This Fall NICE Bus has installed digital real time arrival signs at Hempstead Transit Center. The system is comprised of three types of digital displays. The main arrival boards are located just above the main terminal building and display all the buses arriving at the terminal, the approximated arrival time of each bus and the bay location for the bus.

Smaller digital “flag” signs are hung at each bay and display the next arriving bus and its approximate arrival time. Additional digital signs hung above the doors leading out to the LIRR station, display LIRR connections. All signs have audible buttons for the sight impaired.

Additionally, digital travel kiosks will become operational in the next few days. The kiosks will help with travel planning, display maps, and will connect directly to the NICE Bus Travel Information Center in case a passenger needs additional information.
These digital real time arrival signs make travel easier and give commuters making transfers accurate info. These new signs mirror what information is currently available through mobile devices. For real time info on the go, download our GoMobile app. For more info visit our Mobile Ticketing page.