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Service Alerts

We are committed to keeping you informed! We will post any service alerts on this site including changes or disruptions in service.


n1, n15, n16, n19, n20g, n20h, n21, n22, n22A, n22X, n23, n24, n25, n26, n27, n31, n32, n33, n35, n4, n40, n41, n43, n47, n48, n49, n4x, n54, n55, n57, n58, n6, n6x, n70, n71, n72, n78, n79, n80, mmcs, rccs Memorial Day, Monday May 29th 2017

REMINDER We will be running a SUNDAY service on Monday, May 29th for Memorial Day.

n40, n41 DETOUR May 23rd, 11:19 am Garden City

n40/41 buses will NOT be making stops on in Garden City between the Mineola Terminal and the intersection of 11th Street and Franklin Avenue.  Expect delays as a result.