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Service Alerts

We are committed to keeping you informed! We will post any service alerts on this site including changes or disruptions in service.

n70 NEW ROUTING effective Nov 3rd, 2014 Smith Street, Farmingdale

As of November 3rd, the n70 will no longer travel eastbound on Smith Street in Farmingdale, due to construction. Buses instead will travel non stop from Farmingdale U up Broad Hallow Rd and Ruland Rd to Newsday.  Westbound travel from Newsday remains unchanged.

For EASTBOUND stops on Smith Street, please stay on the bus after Farmingdale University and travel to Newsday...you can then disembark at one of the WESTBOUND stops along Smith Road, as the bus makes a return trip to Hempstead.

Please see map file below for details, yellow shows eastbound routing to Newsday, and green shows westbound routing heading towards Hempstead.

n70 rerouting in Farmingdale

n48 n48 Jehricho Quad Service Update, January 19th, 2015

As of Monday, January 19th, n48 service to the Jericho Quad will be run as a "shuttle" to/from the Quad and the Hicksville LIRR station. To pick up this n48 to the Quad please use the NORTHBOUND n48 stop on Newbridge Road just south of the train trestle(see attached  map), as well as all n48 stops north of the LIRR station. PLEASE NOTE: the last PM trip out of the Quad leaves at 5:29 pm

n48-Jericho Quad Service Update