Frequency-based service improves the NICE Bus system


Website_Headway3132_2018-(1).jpgNassau Inter-County Express/NICE Bus is proud to announce the launch of frequency-based service, known as Headway Management, transitioning away from scheduled trips to a time-based revolving service to increase reliability on two of our most popular routes, the n40/41 and n31/32.

The goal is to increase reliability by spacing bus pickups and drop-offs evenly throughout the day. An on-the-ground operations team utilizes technology and location services to minimize time gaps between buses and prevent bunching.

This frequency-based service initiative has realized success in eliminating bunching and increasing on-time performance, prompting management to expand the Headway Management program to 40 percent of the NICE Bus' total service by June 2019.

This January, NICE Bus will transition the n6, which provides service from Hempstead to Jamaica, to frequency-based service to vastly improve the rider experience on this vital corridor.

Read more about our frequency-based service initiative at Newsday here.

Our new frequency-based service is as follows:

5:00-9:00 am buses stop every 10 min.
9:00-2:30 pm buses stop every 15 min.
2:30-5:30 pm buses stop every 15 min.
The n40/41 reverts to a set schedule for nights, early mornings and weekends. For details visit n40/41 timetable.

7:00 am-8:30 am buses stop every 10 min.
8:30 am-6:30 pm buses stop every 15 min.
6:30 pm-8:00 pm buses stop every 30 min.
6:30 am-6:30 pm buses stop every 20 min.
6:15am-6:45 pm buses stop every 30 min.
The n31/32 reverts to a set schedule for nights and early mornings. For details visit n31/32 timetable.

We've also added overnight service to the n40/41, now making 24-hour service available on three of our most heavily utilized routes: the n4, n6, and the n40/41.

NICE Food Drive benefits Island Harvest


 Omar_40Under40.jpgThe Nassau Inter-County Express/NICE Bus team joined together to help feed local families in need this holiday season.

Administration, Operators, and Maintenance teamed up to donate about 2,500 nonperishable food items – everything from canned goods and cereals to stuffing and dessert mixes – enough to fill the back of a paratransit vehicle.

The drive took place over the course of two weeks, with boxes quickly overflowing by the end of week one. 

NICE Bus volunteers helped sort, bag, and transport the goods to Island Harvest food bank on Friday, Nov. 16th, where they were prepped to be distributed to families in need. The sorted donation made up more than 6 pallets of food, a great start to Island Havest's 10th Annual Turkey Drive. 

With help from Transdev, NICE Bus CEO Jack Khzouz was able to present matching $1,000 donation to Island Harvest, to fund turkeys and the fixings for neighborhood tables. 

"We had started out with a goal of reaching 1,000 items to match this donation, and I am blown away by the generosity of each department in making a difference for our neighbors this holiday season," said NICE Bus CEO Jack Khzouz. "On behalf of the NICE Bus team, we'd liek to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving."

To find out how you can help Island Harvest make a difference for those in need on Long Island visit