Transit Vision for Nassau County

Transit, now more than ever, is the engine to economic development. Communities that invest in their transit systems have the foundation for growth in place. But it takes a coordinated, well-executed ideas to begin and sustain the process. Let’s Go Nassau County is a long-term transit vision. The plan is thought of as a living document that will evolve and change over the next few years as we continue to test and implement new, innovative transit solutions and ideas. 

In order to achieve larger goals in Nassau County, transit must evolve from a bare-bones network into a truly 21st century suite of services. In a competitive world, Nassau County has to keep the employers we already have, lure new employers to Nassau, and provide an attractive draw to new residents, many of whom want to untether themselves from the car.

A missing ingredient to creating a truly 21st century transit system is a reliable funding and predictable funding base that can grow as Nassau County’s transportation needs grow. The economic base for transit in Nassau has resembled a roller coaster ride, rising slowly, and then falling dramatically. Planning and executing new services, as well as sustaining and improving the ones we have, absolutely depends on getting on that roller coaster.

Over the next few months, NICE will ask for public input in shaping Let’s Go – a Vision for Transit in Nassau County. In the meantime, NICE is working with local, state and federal officials to ensure we promote the need for additional resources so we can continue to serve Nassau County with innovative, safe and reliable transportation.

Jack Khzouz


Goals for the Transit
Vision for Nassau

  • Drive Economic Development
  • Increase Access to Transit for Nassau County Residents
  • Create Better Inter-Modal Connectivity
  • Increase Frequency and Service Hours on Major Routes
  • Increase the Number of Express Routes
  • Introduce New Innovative Solutions to Support Communities
  • Add More Micro Transit Solutions
  • Improve Transit Assets
  • Secure Reliable Sources of Funding

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