Learn about the benefits of Bus Stop Rebalancing

Save between 7 and 10 minutes per trip on average!


To speed up your ride on the n6, NICE is rebalancing local stops, moving and removing stop locations to enhance the rider experience. These changes are anticipated to speed up trips by 7 to 10 minutes on average. Roughly 75 percent of all n6 riders use just 25 out of the 116 local stops currently available on the n6 route. While service standards recommend stops every 1/4 mile, the n6 currently services bus stops less than 1/10 mile apart, slowing down trips on Nassau's busiest corridor. By improving stop placement, we can improve ridership on the n6 for nearly 9,000 passengers daily. Stop rebalancing is anticipated to speed up service on the n6 by 10 percent.

Which stops are being moved or removed?

Stops impacted by the program are noted in the map below, running along Hempstead Turnpike and Fulton Street between Elmont and Frankin Avenue in Hempstead. Riders can identify these stops by customized stop signage at each location, directing them to the nearest available stop. Some n1 stops will also be impacted. 

Throughout October, a route-wide stop analysis survey was completed to identify and investigate stop usage and proposed changes. Want to share thoughts about your specific stop? Riders are invited to leave us a comment on their n6 stop by clicking here

Click here to download a full map. 

How it is going to speed up my trip?

Buses spend roughly 20% of their time at stops, so reducing the overall number of stops can dramatically speed up trips for all riders, according to TransitCenter, a not-for-profit foundation improving public transportation across the United States.

When bus stops are too close together, they slow down trips and make service less reliable. With 75% of riders using just 25 stops – or 22% of all stops on the route, it was time to look at improving stop placement.

We invite you to visit TransitCenter to learn how bus stop balancing will help to speed up your trip. 

When will the program take effect?

The Bus Stop Balancing program will begin January 5, 2020, with the winter schedule change. The NICE Team is currently working to notify ridership through individual stop sigange, social media and rider handouts. 

How can I find the closest stop to me?

Riders can find the closest available stop viewing the map here. The NICE GOMobile smartphone app is a great tool for location and routing services. The GoMobile App is free to download for iOS and Android phones. Riders are also welcome to call our Transit Information Center at 516-336-6600 for routing information. 


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