Connecting Soundview and W. Shore Road with the Port Washington LIRR station

New updated schedule starting June 24th! Minor adjustments made to improve connectivity with the LIRR.


Introducing Port Washington Shuttle

The Shore Road Shuttle pilot service is now known as the Port Washington Shuttle, offering weekday commuter service for Soundview and W. Shore Road to/from the Port Washington LIRR station. 

The redesigned pilot service provides morning and evening PEAK commuter service for Soundview area residents to the Port Washington LIRR. The shuttle then continues its mid-day service along West Shore Road servicing Roslyn businesses surrounding the Clock Tower, Industrial Park and Fairway Drive, among other established stops. We hope riders took advantage of the RIDE FREE period May 28th through June 10th!

This shuttle service provides transportation through two separate, but intersecting routes to connect Port Washington and Roslyn North Shore communities. Passengers are asked to hail the shuttle with a hand wave at Request-Only stops. Riders can enjoy free transfers to NICE Bus fixed-route n23 service connections from Mineola to Manorhaven, as well as n20h transfers at the Roslyn Clocktower

Shuttle fares remain the same as our fixed-route buses at $2.75 one-way, with NICE GoMobile, MetroCard, and cash (in exact change) payment methods available. Fareboxes do not accept dollar bills. Pilot program funding for the service secured through 2019 to explore ridership demand in the Port Washington and Roslyn area. 

Where is the service area?

The Soundview leg of this service offers easy access to the Port Washington LIRR station, while the W. Shore Road leg still provides dropoffs and pickups along the popular industrial and storefront businesses including the Amsterdam entrance at Fairway Drive and W. Shore Road. Residents outside of the service area are invited to leave us a comment or service request here

Find the full schedule and service map here. 


Where does the Port Washington Shuttle stop?

The Port Washington Shuttle makes the following stops:

    Soundview route

  •     Port Washington LIRR at Main Street
  •     Driftwood Drive
  •     Steamboat Drive
  •     Schooner Lane
  •     Sandy Court
  •     Wildwood 

    West Shore Road route

  •    Port Washington:  the stop is located on S. Maryland Avenue and Main Street, 2 blocks from the Port Washington LIRR station.   (PLEASE NOTE: the PWS does NOT pick up at the LIRR station.)
  •     The Amsterdam: bus stops are located on Fairway Drive and W. Shore Road
  •    88 Seaview Blvd (at the end of the cul de sac)
  •    Industrial Park Drive (near the NPD Driveway)
  •    the Roslyn Clock Tower (our n20H stop)
  •    Gerry Park, two blocks north of the Roslyn LIRR station.  (PLEASE NOTE: the PWS does NOT pick up at the LIRR station.)

How much does a Port Washington Shuttle trip cost?

Shuttle fares remain the same as our fixed-route buses, with MetroCard and GoMobile payment methods available. Senior and student discounts are also applicable. If using cash, please have exact change. 

Where can I travel to?

You can use the Port Washington Shuttle to connect to the Port Washington LIRR, W.Shore Road Industrial Park and Roslyn Clocktower, where you can connect with NICE Bus fixed-route n23 service from Mineola to Manorhaven, as well as n20H transfers at the Clocktower


What are the service hours?

Shore Raod Shuttle operates weekedays from 6:50 am - 10:30 am and 3:30 pm - 7:30 pm. Find up to the minute information on traffic and weather by visting our service updates page or by calling our Transit Information Center at (516) 336-6600.


How can I get the GoMobile App for easy shuttle payment?

The GoMobile App is free to download for iOS and Android phones.


How do I hail a ride at Request-Only Stops?

Similar to hailing a taxi in NYC, riders are asked to hail passing shuttles with a hand wave. Be sure you are are the posted pickup locations, and within the operating time schedule. 

Can I transfer to/from a NICE bus on to/from the Port Washinton Shuttle?

Yes, the Port Washington Shuttle accepts free transfers to/from connecting NICE bus service on the n23 and the n20H. 

Is Port Washington Shuttle accessible for mobility devices?

Yes, all of our shuttles vehicles are accessible as availability allows. 


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