Apply for Able-Ride

How to Apply

There are two parts to the Able-Ride Application:

Part (A) can be filled out by you or a designated representative such as a family member, friend or counselor.


Part (B) must be filled out by a licensed health care professional such as a physician, psychiatrist, or social worker

Both parts A and B must be filled out properly as instructed and submitted with a passport sized photo in order to be considered for eligibility.

For assistance and/or questions about the application or the eligibility​ process please call Able-Ride at 516-228-4021.

We require original documents only; no copies will be accepted. Please submit recent passport style headshots with a solid background. We cannot accept any modified household photos.

Failure to fill out the application in its entirety or submission of missing items or information will delay the application process. Able-Ride may (at our discretion) request for you to come to our facility for an in-house assessment or send you to our medical certifier for a functional evaluation. If you are deemed eligible for Able-Ride, you will receive an identification card and procedures to follow when using Able-Ride.

If you are denied eligibility, a statement explaining the reason for denial and information regarding the Able-Ride appeal process will be provided.

In order to access Able-Ride you must be certified. Please download the application and return it to the address listed in the application. Once we receive your application, please allow 3 weeks for the certification process to be complete.