What is NiceLink?

NiceLink is Nassau County’s first micro transit solution and one of the Country's first services that combines the best of public transit with the convenience of ride sharing. NiceLink is an on-demand, door-to-door ride share service operated by Nassau Inter-County Express which launched July 23rd. It allows you to book a ride within the NiceLink service area using the free GoMobile app.

NiceLink's smaller buses will be dispatched to you once you hail a ride on the GoMobile app V2 or via our call center. After the vehicle picks you up, it will proceed to your destination, picking up and dropping off other passengers along the way. You can travel anywhere within the service area. The vehicles are fully accessible so you won’t have an issue if you use a mobility device.

Where is the service area?

NiceLink service covers the area south of Hempstead Turnpike and north of Merrick Road.  To the west, the service area borders the Meadowbrook State Parkway and to the east, it borders the Wantagh State Parkway.

How much does a NiceLink trip cost?

The fare is $4.50 each way. You may pay either with cash (quarters) or with your GoMobile app — just enter your credit or debit card, purchase the ticket, activate the ticket when you board the vehicle and show the driver your app.

Please be aware, NiceLink does not accept MetroCards.


Where can I travel to?

You can use NiceLink to travel to any address within the service area including connecting to major bus routes like the N4 in Freeport or the N6 along Hempstead turnpike as well as the LIRR in Freeport, Merrick and Bellmore.


What are the service hours?

NiceLink operates weekedays from 6:30 am-9:30 am and 3:30 pm -6:30 pm 


How can I get the GoMobile App so that I can book a Link ride?

The newest version of our GoMobile app is available now.  You can use the GoMobile app to book and pay for your NiceLink ride and NICE bus ride.  The GoMobile App is free to download for iOS and Android phones.


Can I hail a ride even if I’m not in the service area?

Yes, you can proceed to order a NiceLink ride, but you must enter a pick up/drop off spot within the NiceLink service area (see service area map above)

What if I don’t own a smart device? How can I get a ride?

If you don’t own a smart device, you can call the NICE Bus Transit Information Line at 516-228-4171. The Operators will be happy to book a ride for you.

Can I transfer to/from a NICE bus on to NiceLink?

Yes, NiceLink accepts transfer from a NICE bus via cash (active paper transfer)and a GoMobile app activated NICE bus ticket.  When you book your trip, the app will automatically charge you the transfer price of $1.75 for your NiceLink ride.  Please note, NiceLink does NOT accept MetroCard transfers.
Once your LINK ride is completed, the app will then ask you if you'd like a NICE bus transfer, if you answer yes, a GoMobile ticket will be placed in your ticket wallet.

Once I enter my pick up and drop off addresses into the LINK app, what happens next?

Just like other ride sharing apps, NiceLink will give you the quickest available pick up and trip time estimates.  Please note, currently we are quoting a 30 minute pick up window, but we anticipate actual pick up times to be much shorter.  You then have option to accept or decline the ride, based on your travel needs.  Once you accept the trip,  the app will book and charge you for the trip. 

Is NiceLink wheelchair accessible?

Yes, all of our NiceLink vehicles are wheelchair accessible (as availability allows).  Please note, that you are only able to book one wheelchair space per trip.  Parties traveling with multiple wheelchairs must book individual trips for each wheelchair space needed.


Ride LINK for FREE August 20th-31st!

We are so excited about our LINK service, that we want everyone to try it.  We are offering free service on Link for the last 2 weeks of August.  Want to find out what everyone in Nassau County is talking about?  Simply book your Link trip via the GoMobile app August 20th-31st, click the cash option....and your trip will be free!  Our drivers aren't collecting fares during this promotional period.  So come on!  What are you waiting for!?