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IMPORTANT! NICE IS RAISING FARES STARTING AUGUST 20TH, 2023. A single ride GoMobile ticket will increase to $3.25. Ticket packs will increase to $2.90 per ticket. Senior and Disabled fare tickets will increase to $1.45.

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* Tickets are only valid on NICE buses, and are not valid for transfers to MTA bus/subway and Suffolk County transit.


Buying and Using Tickets

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Bus Arrival in Real Time

 Want to learn more? Email us at NICEticketing@transdev.com



FAQs in General


Where can I use mobile ticketing?

You can use mobile tickets on all NICE buses. You CANNOT use mobile tickets on MTA bus or subway, Suffolk County Transit, or Long Beach Transit.

Can I transfer to MTA Bus/Subway or Suffolk County Transit with mobile ticketing?

Mobile tickets can only be used on NICE buses. Rider that need to transfer to other transit systems must continue using current fare payment options. Drivers will NOT issue paper transfers. 

Can I transfer to another NICE bus with the app?

Yes! You can use the same mobile ticket to transfer to two other NICE buses within 2hr 15minutes.

If I lose cell phone service while trying to use my ticket, will my mobile ticket still work?

Mobile tickets do not need cell phone or wifi service to be displayed; however, service or wifi is needed to purchase a ticket. You must purchase your ticket before boarding the bus.  If you lose cell phone service after boarding the bus, you will still be able to activate and display purchased tickets. You will not be able to make any purchases or other changes until your cell phone or wifi service is restored.

What happens if my smartphone battery dies before I can show my mobile ticket, or it stops working?

You are responsible for keeping your smartphone charged while riding with a mobile ticket. You MUST pay the cash fare if your smartphone is not working, so please plan accordingly.

Do mobile tickets expire?

Mobile tickets expire 60 days after they are purchased. Please plan accordingly. 

What types of tickets can I purchase with mobile ticketing?

Since mobile ticketing is a pilot program, only pay-per-ride fares will be offered at launch. You can buy a single-ride ticket, or packs of 4, 6, 8, 12 or 20. If you purchase 20 tickets, you will receive 1 free (5% discount)! We will explore offering new fare products, such as unlimited ride passes, in future phases of the project.

If I am eligible for a reduced fare ticket (student/senior/disabled), how do I use mobile ticketing?

Please contact us at NICEticketing@transdev.com to apply for reduced fare status, and we'll get you set up.

Why Mobile Ticketing? Why not SmartCards?

NICE is also exploring SmartCard technology as part of our goal to revamp fare payment on NICE buses. The mobile ticketing pilot program is the first step towards a newer system. 

Is mobile ticketing going to replace MetroCard? Will it replace cash?

No, we will continue accepting all current fare payment options. Mobile ticketing will simply become another option for riders to pay their fare.

If I am traveling with friends and family, can I activate more than one ticket on my phone?

Not yet but soon! Sometime this summer, an app update will allow you to activate up to four tickets at once.

Are there any fees for using mobile ticketing?

The mobile ticketing application is free to download. When using the application, please be aware that mobile service providers set their own prices for data and usage. NICE is not responsible for any mobile carrier data charges that a customer incurs as a result of purchasing a mobile ticket or downloading the mobile application.   

What happens if I lose my smartphone or buy a new smartphone?

If you lose or purchase a new phone, you can transfer your tickets to your new device by logging in with your existing account. If you have issues transferring tickets, please email us anytime at NICEticketing@transdev.com or call 516-336-6600, Monday–Friday: 7:00am–5:00pm. Please include your application ID in all requests. This can be found within the application under Info > App Info.

What if I am having technical problems with the mobile ticketing application?

If you encounter any technical problems or errors, please email us anytime at NICEticketing@transdev.com or call 516-336-6600, Monday–Friday: 7:00am–5:00pm. Please include your application ID in all requests. This can be found within the application under Info > App Info. Before you contact us, please check the FAQ to see if we answer your question there. If you have additional questions or are experiencing technical issues, please contact us on Facebook, or Twitter for the quickest response time. 

FAQs about Price


How much do mobile tickets cost?

NICE has modeled mobile ticketing pricing on MetroCard fare rates. Please see the gomobile fare table below:



 Single-Ride:  $3.25
 Regular Fare (4 tickets): $11.60 ($2.90/Trip)
 Regular Fare (6 tickets): $17.40 ($2.90/Trip)
 Regular Fare (8 tickets): $23.20 ($2.90/Trip)
 Regular Fare (12 tickets): $34.80 ($2.90/Trip)
 Regular Fare (20 tickets + 1 Free): $58.00 ($2.61/Trip)


Why is the single-ride fare $3.25?

As we’ve noted before, NICE has modeled mobile ticketing pricing on MetroCard fare rates. Although some NICE bus riders are unaware, the current MTA single-ride fare is $3.25. The Single-Ride fare is available as a green paper MetroCard at full-service vending machines. It looks like this: 


Do you offer a bonus or some form of bulk discount?

We offer a 5% bonus in the form of a free ticket on a $50 purchase. We are committed to offering the best possible value to our riders, and we will continue exploring additional options in the future.

Is there anything else I should know about pricing? 

Yes! We think it’s worth noting that unlike the MetroCard, gomobile does not charge a $1 new card Green Fee. After all, paying with your mobile phone requires no card printing!  

FAQs about Your Account


Do I need to set up an account?

Yes. Set up should take under 30 seconds -- all we require is an email address and password. 

How do I reset my password?

Please click my account on the home screen of the application, and click forgot my password. We will email you a recovery password.

Are receipts available for my mobile ticketing purchase?

Receipts are available through email for all mobile tickets. Simply enter your email address when purchasing a ticket and we will automatically email you a receipt. If you do not receive a receipt, please contact us and we can resend your receipt.

Where is my personal information and credit card information stored?

All personal and credit card information is stored on a securely encrypted Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant server. 


FAQs About Using Your Tickets


How and when do I click “use ticket”?

You should click “use ticket” when your bus has stopped and you are begining to board. Please have the ticket ready to show the driver when you board the bus. And make sure to check the head sign before clicking ‘use ticket’ so you know it’s the right bus!  Do not activate the ticket until the bus has stopped for you, in case the bus is overloaded or is not in service.

What do I do if a driver asks me to “tap” or authenticate my ticket?

Occasionally, a NICE bus driver might ask you tap your screen to ensure your ticket is valid. Please tap the center of the phone’s screen and the NICE logo will appear.

What do I do if a NICE official asks to validate my ticket?

Each ticket also includes a unique barcode that will occasionally be scanned by NICE officials to ensure validity. Please click ‘view barcode’ if it’s requested.

My bus has a ticket scanner on it! What do I do?

Tap ‘view barcode’ on your active ticket and scan it on the reader’s glass plate!