New York Public Transit Association

Advocating for New York Riders

NICE Bus is a proud member of the New York Public Transit Association (NYPTA) and actively supports the advancement of public transportation through advocacy for investment in public transportation and promotion of legislation and policies that foster growth in mobility and accessibility.


An investment in public transit is a commitment to mobility and quality of life for the people of New York State. It is also a commitment to building a stronger economy, to reducing congestion and to improve the quality of air we breathe. NYPTA allows transit experts and consumer advocates to engage in informed collaborations that result in high-impact transit solutions to address community needs.


NICE invites riders to join New Yorkers for Better Public Transit, acoalition of people from all corners of the state, representing a variety of interests, who want to see greater investment in New York’s public transit systems as we advocate for the future of mobility in Nassau County and beyond.