Able-Ride Policies


Cancellations affect our ability to provide a trip opportunity to other riders. If you have a scheduled ride that you no longer need, please call Able-Ride dispatch or reservations department as soon as possible to cancel your ride. This will help free up space for others to ride and keep program costs down. You may cancel your trip by calling 516-228-4000, TTY 516-228-4002 or 711.

Cancellations made in advance (2 hours or more) before your scheduled trip time, will be considered an advance-cancellation for which no-penalty is assessed. A cancellation is considered late if the cancellation is made less than two (2) hours before your scheduled trip time. Late cancellations are treated as a no-show and can result in suspension of service.

Please do not ask bus operators to accept information regarding cancellations or trip changes. You must contact the Reservation Office to change or cancel trips.

Subscription Service

If you travel to and/or from the same location at the same time at least twice a week, you may request Subscription Service. This service allows you to make regular trips without telephoning to reserve or confirm trips unless there is a change or cancellation. Subscription Service is subject to availability.

Call Able-Ride at 516-228-4000 to request subscription service. Deaf/hard of hearing customers, use your preferred relay service provider or the free 711 relay.

No Shows/Late Cancellation Policy

Able-Ride understands Clients may sometimes miss scheduled trips or be unable to cancel trips in a timely way for reasons that are beyond their control. However, repeatedly missing scheduled trips or failing to cancel trips in a timely way can lead to suspension of service. The following information explains Able-Ride no-show policy.

The pickup window is defined as fifteen (15) minutes before and fifteen (15) minutes after the negotiated pickup time. Clients must be ready to board a vehicle when it arrives within the pickup window. The driver will wait for a maximum of five (5) minutes upon its arrival for the rider to board.