Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Transportation Accessibility Advisory Committee of Nassau County and Transdev are committed to ensuring that riders and other stakeholders have a voice in their bus and paratransit systems. To make that possible, Nassau County has invited diverse members of the Long Island community to play a direct, ongoing role in improving the system and making it more responsive to the needs of its customers.

The Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC) is currently looking for new members for its volunteer board.  Interested Members should be part of the disabled community, a current Able-Client, and Resident of Nassau County.  You must be able to attend a monthly virtual meeting during business hours.

The TAAC Board represents the disabled community and helps improve the rider experience for people with disabilities on both NICE Able-Ride and fixed routes. 

If you are interested in serving on the TAAC board, please provide information about yourself and send it to


The Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee (TAAC) provides input to the NICE staff, and advises them on areas such as development, implementation, and operation of both the fixed route system as well as the para transit system. TAAC also advises to make certain both transportation systems are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other regulations to ensure the transportation system is accessible.

The Transit Accessibility Advisory Committee meets once a month and is dedicated to paratransit issues and issues facing the disability community in riding on buses. The Committee is comprised of passengers and representatives from a range of stakeholder groups that represent the community. The committee members will be independent and will not be associated with either Nassau County or Transdev.

Click here for minutes from the last TAAC meeting.