New fare prices are:

  • Full fare single-ride: $2.90
  • Senior fare single-ride: $1.45
  • Disabled fare single-ride: $1.45

Student and Childrens' fares DO NOT CHANGE. $.25 step up fee from Long Beach Transit, HART, and SCT DOES NOT CHANGE.

For Fares and Passes, NICE accepts coins (WE DO NOT ACCEPT DOLLAR BILLS)  and all types of MetroCards , as well as payment with our GoMobile app.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT THE OMNY CARD OR APP AT THIS TIME.


Cash Fares (COINS ONLY)

Regular Fare
Senior Fare

Must be 65 years and older or a Medicare Card Holder

Acceptable Forms of ID:

  • Medicare Card
  • Governmental Issued ID
  • Nassau County Senior Citizen Leisure pass ( Apply Here )
Disabled Fare

Acceptable Forms of ID:

  • MTA Reduced-Fare MetroCard ( Apply Here )
  • Any Disable ID issued by any Governmental agency or other Transit Agency
  • Nassau County Disability Leisure Pass ( Apply Here )
  • Nice Able-Ride ID ( Apply Here )
Children’s Fare

Children under 44" ride for free with fare paying adult, limit 3 children per adult.

Student’s Fare

Student fares apply to elementary and high school students only.

College students are NOT eligible for our Student Fare.

The Student Fare is only valid with a NICE student pass, which is issued to students, on request, by their school system.  To obtain a pass, please email a photo of the student's current school ID to NICE.Ticketing@transdev.com for account set up and verification.  Student passes are valid for travel ONLY Monday-Friday during the school year from 6:00 am -7:00 pm, for travel to and from school only.


Friendly reminder: $0.25 will be charged for all transfers (for both full fare and reduced fare customers) from Hart, Long Beach and Suffolk County transit systems to a NICE bus.  PLEASE NOTE, NO PAPER TRANSFERS WILL BE GIVEN TO CUSTOMERS AFTER PAYING THE STEP UP FEE FROM THESE TRANSIT SYSTEMS.

GoMobile Tickets

The NICE GoMobile app allows reduced fare riders to receive discounts.

In order to enable reduced fare pricing, please download the app and contact us at NICE.Ticketing@transdev.com. You will be asked to provide proof of eligibility before receiving reduced fare pricing.

Single-Ride GoMobile Ticket
 GoMobile Regular Fare Ticket Packages

Ticket packages available at $2.90/trip. Sold in groups of 4, 6, 8, and 12 ticket.

20 GoMobile Regular Fare Tickets + 1 Free Ticket

Buy 20 tickets, get one free. Value of $2.71 / trip.

$1.45/per trip
GoMobile Senior and Disabled Fare Tickets

Sold in groups of 4, 6, 8 tickets at $1.45 per trip. To qualify for reduced fare GoMobile purchases, please Email us @NICETicketing@transdev.com.

20 GoMobile Senior & GoMobile Disabled
Fare Tickets + 1 Free Ticket

Buy 20 tickets, get get one free. Value of $1.38 / trip.


Please note the following information about split-fare transactions:

  • A split-fare transaction is defined as a two-part transaction: the first part is the partial payment of a fare with value from a MetroCard (value that is less than a fare). The second part of the transaction is the customer making up the difference in coins.
  • A split-fare transaction does NOT encode a transfer on the customer's MetroCard. The customer has to request a bus transfer from the operator after adding coins to finish paying the fare.
  • Customers making fare payment via a split-fare transaction on a bus are not entitled to a free transfer onto the subway
  • Customers cannot use multiple MetroCards to pay a single fare (e.g., a customer cannot use a $2.00 MetroCard and then try to pay the remaining $0.50 with a second MetroCard: it must be paid with coins).

For more information on MetroCard, please visit web.mta.info/metrocard


For information and fares about the Long Island Rail Road, visit web.mta.info/lirr/about/TicketInfo

For information on NICE connections with LIRR, go to our LIRR page.