Doing Business


Nassau Inter-County Express is committed to offering procurement opportunities for its transit-related requirements. For those interested in doing business with us, our most recent solicitations can be found on our dedicated procurement page.

Advertising with NICE

Not everyone in Long Island watches the same TV shows, visits the same websites or reads the same publications, but we all get out and about. Advertising on the NICE system is a great way to promote your business to a large portion of the Nassau County population.

NICE had just over 31 million passenger trips last year. Beyond that, many more people who don't use NICE system see our ads. We're talking car drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, locals, and tourists. Target your ads in certain neighborhoods and along chosen routes so you can be sure your message will reach your best prospects in the most cost-effective manner.

For advertising on our vehicles, please contact our advertising partner:

Gateway Outdoor Advertising
Jack Gallagher
Regional Manager

Small Business and DBE

When choosing vendors and suppliers to work with us, NICE strives to establish a level playing field for the various businesses that compete for the dollars we spend.

Your business might qualify for this program.

We list project advertisements on our Procurement page, and the cover sheet of each advertisement will say if that particular projects falls under the DBE Program.

Transdev's Policy on Supplier Diversity and Historically Underutilized Businesses (M/W/D/SBE and HUB)

Transdev believes that supplier diversity makes good business sense and we have implemented uniform purchasing and supplier diversity processes across the organization to support both the growth of and increased use of certified business entities. Developing a diverse supplier base encourages job creation, enables purchasing power and builds shareholder equity in the communities in which we serve.

We strongly encourage and support qualified minority, women, service-disabled veteran owned businesses, plus historically underutilized businesses to provide quality services or materials at competitive prices.

To be qualified as an M/W/D/SBE or HUB, companies must be classified and/or certified by the appropriate federal, state and/or local designating agency (see list below). In various cases, the concept of certification reciprocity among the agencies is also considered and accepted by the company. In either case, when we use a company that is certified in one of the aforementioned business enterprise designations, Transdev always seeks confirmation from suppliers substantiating their firm's eligibility for their designated area of expertise.

Certifying Agencies

If your company is a certified M/W/D/SBE or HUB, and if you are interested in applying to be a vendor of Transdev, please register here in our Transdev Vendor Registration System. (

After you have registered with us, please email your proof of certification from one of the above agencies to